SCADA and Remote Control Products

The Air Hawk
Not Just Another Web Based Remote Control

The Air Hawk gives you web based access to remotely monitor and control your transmitter from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Not just another web-based remote control, the Air Hawk achieves a new level of monitoring and control. With the Hawk Status web interface, you can view all of your sites with a single login and view real-time data. Three connection options are available for the Air Hawk: cellular, WiFi and Ethernet. As a cellular based product, you eliminate the need for phone lines at your sites, thereby reducing monthly expenses and lightning risks. Using the native iPhone and iPad application, control is in the palm of your hand. With automatic notification of link failure, you will know immediately when connectivity is lost. Data is efficiently logged and stored and is easily viewed on customizable Trend Charts. A total of 8 analog or status input channels can be monitored with the base unit, and the system is expandable to support up to 100 modules. Eight opto-isolated outputs control eight external devices with positive confirmation of activation. Customized notification sequences are sent via email or text message with multiple contacts defined for each alarm and delays between notifications. All of your contacts for all of your sites can be managed from one central location.

The Air Hawk is a part of the Hawk Remote product line. Servicing half of the United States and in Canada, the technology has evolved over almost 20 years, and is available in several efficient and affordable broadcast products like My Sine, Plus Sine, Plus Sine 2, and The Studio Hawk. Other Hawk Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software and hardware (SCADA) is in service in other industries (including municipal and private ground water and waste water treatment facilities). The Hawk technology continues to evolve and change to meet the needs of local and regional broadcasters as well as national industry leaders.

+ Native iPhone and iPad application

+ Monitors 8 input channels, analog or status

+ One web interface for all your sites

+ Connectivity options: cellular, WiFi, Ethernet

+ Notifications of problems via email and text messaging

+ Notification of link failure

+ Improved lightning protection

+ 8 Opto-isolated outputs