SCADA and Remote Control Products

Welcome to The Hawk

Innovative Broadcast Services (IBS), began as a broadcast engineering and consulting company, and has been in business for over 25 years designing, implementing and maintaining Radio Frequency (RF) communications systems along with related technical broadcast operations. In 1992, developers began writing supervisory control and data acquisition software (SCADA) to monitor and control broadcast facilities. One of the first products of its kind, the Hawk gained an excellent reputation as a comprehensive and user-friendly remote control. It grew to accommodate the special needs of many radio stations and television stations, and then was adapted for other industries. The mission critical nature of The Hawk and the flexibility of its design made it especially valuable in the public works industry. Now in service in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada and gaining interest in Latin America and Europe, Hawk SCADA has tremendous potential for industrial applications. The flexibility and user-friendly nature of the product, along with IBS’s excellent customer service, is quickly making Hawk SCADA the monitoring and control product of the future! We believe that clients need solutions designed specifically to meet their individual needs – not the traditional SCADA “out of the box”, overpriced products that overwhelm and intimidate them.